Saturday, 17 March 2018

What it is really like being in a long-distance relationship

Honestly, I have experienced all of the emotions in my relationship and I bet it is different for everyone, however this is my experience.
It can be really hard being apart from someone you love for a significant amount of time. Whether you’ve had a great or tough day, sometimes you'll just want someone to talk too or a hug, it can suck not to have them there. The longer you are apart the more you can miss them and find yourself reacting in different ways. However, when you are young and finding out who you are and growing as a person, it can be good to have some space apart. It is good to be independent and not relying on someone all of the time.

 Trust. This is the biggest aspect you need in a relationship. As in most relationships trust is really important, however when you are hours, miles or even countries away from them, you have to trust them. Otherwise you could just be sat at home worrying or assuming the worse, when in reality they are telling the truth. If you have been betrayed in the past, it can be easy to bring that into the current relationship (they are not the same person). Equally being honest with one another is just as important.

Communication is essential, when you are both living different lives, it is good to share your day with one another. Listening to someone’s day and showing that you are there for them is reassuring and can bring you closer. The distance may put a strain on your relationship and you’ll take it out on the other person. However it will strengthen your relationship and allow you realise what you have. If you ever feel shit or have a problem that will put tension on the relationship, tell them and if they love you they will understand, text, skype or call! My boyfriend has even written letters to me, which may sound like the cheesiest thing. Yet it reassures me how much he cares and it is exciting getting happy things in the post.

 The best thing about being in a long-distance relationship Is finally seeing the other person. It allows you to appreciate one another and the time you have together is special. Anything you do, it doesn’t matter as long as you are spending time with them. When it is weeks, months, etc. apart it can feel like it is going so slowly. The best thing to do is focus on your own life and embrace what you have, whilst looking forward to the next time you’ll see them.
Saying goodbye is hard, once they have left you do feel like something is missing. If you are used to them being around all weekend or sleeping next to them, the bed can feel pretty empty. It’s hard at first but then it’s time to get back to your own life, keep communicating and look forward.

I have been in a long-distance relationship for three and a half years (4 years total) and there will always be sceptical people that may not think it can work. It can work if you both stick it at, even when it gets hard, just try to stay positive. (If you both love each other and want it to work, you’ll both put the effort in).

 Love Tishhlah x

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