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ColourPop Delivery Review

I have had my eyes on these for a while now, so of course as soon as they delivered to the UK I ordered straight away. I was super excited and found it quite hard to choose which ones I would purchase as there are so many colours to choose from. Also when I usually buy lip products they are in person so I know the true colour, however online it was slightly hard to tell if the swatches would be that colour in real life.


The products came in the cutest box and I was really pleased with this and that it didn’t just come in a plain package. The box is all white then you open it up to a pink and gold floral print and the name of the brand in their font with flowers are surrounding it. Then the icing on top was a note inside which reminded me of Kylie’s lip kits. It says ‘and iiiiii-e-ii will always love yooooou, xoxo – colourpop’ which felt good to receive along with a brochure of their products and my receipt.

I love the packaging and the fact it is all white with the ‘ColourPop’ logo in their font then the product name in a metallic silver and the ends just a red, which is keeping it quite fresh and modern. The actual matte liquid lipsticks are easy to hold, a really good size, a transparent tube so you can see the colour through and it has the name of the brand and product in a shimmering colour. The top is in a metallic kind of shiny silver which sounds quite tacky but I don’t think it is on the product. Then it is really easy to unscrew the top and the applicator is just like any other, a sort of slant perfect to place on the lips.

The thing that draws most people to them is that they are only $6 (£4.64) which is super affordable, so it is very easy to put a lot in your basket and for the price to just build up. There was a lot of hype about them which did attract me to them, as liquid lipsticks are very popular right now and of course these ones are one of the cheapest. Similarly there was a lot of talk that these are made by the same company or made in the same factory as the 'Kylie Lipkits', so basically the same product whereas Kylie's ones you’re paying for the name.

Bianca Ultra Matte Lip $6
It is super easy to apply on the lips, it feels silky and is a good formula then it dry’s really quick and goes to a really good matte texture. Bianca is a neutral beautiful colour, it is maybe more of a beige, like a beautiful nudey pink with a tint of beige/brown in a super cute way. As you can see on the website they projected an image of a soft light mauve pink colour. I’d say there’s a lot more colour to it, in a way that it is more of a pink and beige mixed together, to make a more eye catching nude. As you can tell my description of the lip colour isn’t that great so just go on what the photos show the colour to be. I love this colour as it can go with any of my looks as it is a grey/pink shade that is neutral for during the day or will go really well at night with a smoky eye.

 Cheap Thrills Ultra Matte Lip $6
The tube defiantly makes it look like a more pinky lilac purple than it is, when you put the product on your lips it defiantly seem darker and dry's darker. At first I thought this was more of a mauve deep pink with a bit of purple mixed together, however on the swatch as you can see it is a beautiful mauve purple. I love this colour, it is a beautiful purple and it would suit more of a night time or festival look although if you are brave or have quite a bold look it would look great during the day. On the website as you can see it does look like a lighter lilac purple, kind of pastel colour which as you can see it is not, I still love the shade however it isn’t what it looks like on the website.

 Trap Ultra Matte Lip $6
Trap is my favourite by far, a nude with a grey tone in it which trust me is beautiful. It does dry slightly darker than a light nude but it is only because it is so pigmented. It looks amazing on the lips and I would defiantly recommend this colour, on the website the colour on the lips is not a true representation of the shade. However for this colour, the description is correct as it is a dusty grey beige, it does look slightly dustier and grey on the image, I’d just say its slightly darker and nudier grey if that makes sense. Also another positive is that the products smell amazing, it is kind of really sweet smell and is just so good.

Boa Matte Lippie Stix $5
I also decided that I would try out the 'lippie stix', I got Boa in a matte shade that can be worn with the liquid lipsticks or worn on its’ own. This goes straight on the lips so well and is really pigmented so you can just wear it on its' own. Compared to the liquid lipsticks, I’d say these come out slightly lighter than what you would expect, this colour is more of pinky lilac yet still quite a light colour so it comes out really pretty. On the website it is pretty similar only thing is it looks slightly more lilac but it does state a pastel pink lilac shade which it is. For only $5 these are amazing and there are some stunning shades so go crazy.

 Bound Glossy Lippie Stix $5
The glossy finish isn’t my favourite as I prefer the matte one, I’d say it doesn’t look too glossy it is just slightly more sticky yet still smells amazing. This product again comes out lighter than the shade on the top of the applicator which appears to be a deep beige nude, although it doesn’t come out in that colour. I’d say it is more of a nudey pink but a lot more pink in it than I expected, kind of like a light nude pink, but still a really pretty shade. However the image of the lips looks stunning on the website, like a beautiful beige nude and I didn’t really think that in real life it is like that. It does say it is a light nude pink so that is spot on as it is that, just I bought it for some of my nude liquid lipsticks and I don’t think it will go with them.

 BFF Lippie Pencil $5
This is a beautiful nude lip pencil that is super easy to apply on the lips, it is really easy to be accurate to fill in the lips, it is a beautiful beige nude and there is nothing I can complain about it. The white packaging is beautiful with the shade on the bottom tip of the pencil and is just really aesthetically pleasing. It is super light in weight and I feel like I can take it anywhere, I can use it to line my lips before I use my Bianca or Trap liquid lipsticks and it just works really well. On the website I would say it is really accurate, just maybe not a peachy nude and more of a beige nude and I love it comes in its’ own box as well, just a really sweet detail.

None of my products seem to have been damaged or not right so that is very reassuring since I ordered quite a lot of pretty cheap products from another country, so anything could have arrived but I am amazed and very happy.

The negatives, I am going to be honest there are some which come with every product, have it in mind I love all these products, I would happily wear them every day and buy them again and go on about them all the time because they are amazing. However they are a liquid lipstick and if you’ve worn one before you know they all can be a bit drying, I wouldn’t say it is too much of an issue, but through the day they can feel drying so I do apply a bit of lip balm on my lips so they are still matte yet moisturized.
As you know they are super cheap for such amazing products, however they are from America therefore there are delivery and custom charges which obviously you must take into consideration as it does bump up the price. You will get it with any other US liquid lipsticks that people are loving and the kylie lip kits, so somehow I justify colourpop as the actual products are so affordable and yet still decent. In my actual order it consisted of a gel liner, brow pencil, two lippie stix, lip pencil and about eight matte liquid lipsticks, not all of these were included as some were for my sister. Although if this goes well I may review the colours she purchased as well and I think somehow she managed to get some of the mattes I ordered so some are missing. The delivery was £16, so a pricey delivery yet worth it. It took about two weeks to come which I thought was really good, as they said it would take about 7-21 days so that was honest.
However then the custom charges came to £18 and this you don’t know how much it will be till you pick up your parcel,  so that can be quite upsetting but as soon as you open up the package and look at the beautiful colours and products you know it’s worth it.
Lastly some of the images on the website of the swatches in my opinion did look different to the products in real life and were slightly different shades. So a little misleading yet overall it is pretty much the same colour or a colour I still like so I wouldn’t complain.

However I personally love them and cannot go on enough about how amazing and beautiful they are for such cheap prices, they are super affordable for anyone and if you live in the US, the benefits of cheaper delivery will make it more worth it. They are defiantly long lasting liquid lipsticks, they will stay on all day, they may wear if you are drinking, eating and talking a lot, however blending it out with a lip balm or reapplying works so well. When you apply them on the lips, it just looks amazing as they are so pigmented and you don’t have to use a lot of product on the lips as it just stands out and dry’s so well on.

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  1. Nice review Shared with my wife she's always looking for new makeup

    Sincerely Justin

  2. I love ColourPop products <3 They are budget friendly yet quality is just amazing .. I've not used their international delivery yet but I can swear by them already :D

  3. I do not use any of these products but I am going to try it some. Beautiful colors you represent us!

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  5. An engaging and honest review! Colourpop seems to be a real steal! Good job, Leticia!

  6. what a great review!
    Thanks for sharing doll!

  7. This is really nice. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great review! The box the came in looks super cute! x

  9. I have heard so much things about colour pop. In fact, it has been compared to Kylie but whatever comparisons they have, I am sure each line has its own uniqueness. I love how affordable colourpop lippies!


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