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20 Dates Ideas on a Budget

As some of you may know I am at university which means I am a student, therefore I don’t have much money at all. However, there are plenty of things you can do with that special someone for little money and still have fun. Some people may think going out and doing things will always cost money so continue to stay in and just watch tv most nights. Don’t get me wrong I love sitting with someone doing nothing, watching things and generally can find it relaxing. Though sometimes it is good to mix it up and get out of the house for a bit. 

    1.      Trip to the beach
I love the beach so much and being there I can find it so relaxing, strolling across the beach bare footed with someone special is something I love to do. Once you’re you don’t have to spend any money, just enjoy each other’s company in a new environment.  

      2.      A picnic
You can take your favourite food anywhere with a blanket and go sit on the beach, a field, the park or anywhere which is a perfect couple of hours to get to know someone or just nap.   

3.   Cute little Walk
Fresh air, fun and getting to know each other, not to mention its free.

          4.   Star gazing
A little bit cheesy, but grab a blanket and go lie down somewhere and just look up and stare at the stars. Appreciate what you have and how amazing something is so far away, take a snack and just chill.

          5.   Baking
Once you get into it and decide on something delicious to make, it can take up a whole afternoon just having fun making something whether its successful or not. Buying cheap ingredients to make a cake or something isn’t much at all and then you have it in the cupboard for a rainy day. 

       6.  Homemade Dinner
You don’t have to do the making together, just cook your other half a three-course meal and you can stick to something easy if you don’t feel confident at cooking. The thought and effort will go such a long day and hopefully they will really appreciate it. 

       7.   Pudding
Seem to be sticking to the food theme quite a bit, nonetheless everyone eats so anyone can enjoy it. If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth this is perfect, just treat yourself with a really tasty pudding. Even better on a cold day or night, tucked under a duvet all warm and snuggly, listening to music just eating something yummy. 

       8. Cinema
Getting out the house to see something new, not even having to speak to each other much if you’re tired from a long day yet still spending time together.  

         9.  Camp for a Night
This depends if you don’t mind sleeping in a tent, as it is not for everyone. Going to a cheap campsite for a night or even in a field or the garden. Getting away from technology to just spend time with each other cuddling. Make a fire, have a few marshmallows, bring all your own food and it will defiantly keep to the budget. 

    10.   Bowling
Going bowling whether you take it seriously or don’t can be more fun than you think as long as you try to enjoy yourself. Doesn’t cost too much so perfect for a cute little date. 

    11.   Museum Trip
So many museums are free, going and learning new things together whilst enjoying new culture. 

   12.   Art Gallery
Similarly, many art galleries are free, it’s not for everyone but worth giving it a try by having a quick look around, especially as it’s free. 

   13.   Ice Skating
Going somewhere to mess about a little, especially if you’re not very good it can be very funny. Something to do to keep active as it can be quite tiring, if you want to spend a little more.

   14.   Wine Night
Instead of just watching tv together or going out to drink which does add up cost wise. Just buy some wine or alcohol you enjoy and everything will start becoming pretty funny after a while. Even get a board game out which is so much fun with alcohol and certainly isn’t that competitive as your drunk. 

    15.  Workout Class
Go to the local gym and do a class together, you’ll feel good after from all the endorphins, generally a healthy thing to do together and is more motivating to go together. Doesn’t have to be full on or make you want to die after its over if you don’t normally workout, I’ve just been to a yoga or meditation class with someone which I found enjoyable. 

   16.   Couples Dinner Party
At the moment, I don’t think I am mature enough to put on a whole dinner party, however people I know will and it is a great idea. Making all the food with your other half, many people enjoy making new food and recipes and even better to share with other people. Sharing the night with some friends where you can play games all night and just have a little bit of fun. 

   17.   Making a Cosy Den
Doesn’t always have to be classy or a lot of effort put it. Grab all your fairy lights and place them all around the living room and light some candles. Put all your duvets and cosy blankets on the sofa, if you want to get some sheets and pin them up to make a bit of a den to get extra cosy. Buy loads of snacks, get into your comfy clothes and have a Netflix binge or watch films or night. 

   18.   Going out for Dinner
Plan a night to go out for dinner, dress up a little and make some effort for each other. Depending on your budget there is Wagamamas, Nandos, YoSushi and Ask if you don’t plan to spend too much. Then if you want to spend a little more Jamie’s Italian, Giraffe, Bella Italia and Byron. 

   19.   Site Seeing/Being a Tourist
Get a cheap train or bus ticket to the next city or somewhere new and go and explore. Just have a look around and get lost in a new place, there will be plenty of things to see providing its somewhere nice or near a harbour, then grab a cheap lunch at a café. 

Last but not least as it is one of my favourites..
    20.   Pamper Night
Have a relaxed night in, get together all your face products, pluck each other’s eyebrows. Do face masks, run an amazing bath with candles, bath bombs, salts and radox. Show him how to moisturise, exfoliate and convince him to give you a shoulder massage. Put fresh sheets on your bed and put on new pyjamas, getting all snuggly and the whole night will just give you the best feeling.  

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a few more ideas of things to do in the future. Please don't forget to follow my blog! 
Let me know in the comments what you like to do on a date. Lots of love Tishhlah xxx



  1. I love these suggestions, especially be a tourist! It's so fun, and usually pretty easy to explore the area you live, or places close by with different eyes than you might normally see them with!


  2. All the ideas added to the to do list. Thanks

  3. Haha, I love all the ideas but I would like to see his face when you propose to do a pamper night :)

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  5. I love walking on beach or just walk around

  6. You mentioned very interesting things to do!Trip to the beach, picnic or cinema!I love to do all that things!

  7. Amazing tips! Thank you for sharing :)

  8. These are some really great ideas. I also love to be active. Go on hikes, explore new parts of my city, or join free groups of things to do.

  9. Nice, camping night !!! That sounds fun.

  10. Love all of these suggestions, some we could even do with our kids!

  11. Lovely ideas! I'd go ice skating or do a wine night (or both in one day :P )

  12. Super ideas and great picture of you two. We do many of these ideas already and you have provided a few more. Thank you

  13. Stargazing will always be the perfect date on a budget for me! Though other works fine but if I am to list the most one, then I will go for stargazing. Nice ideas you have here by the way.

  14. Lovely ideas... I always prefer cinema :-) Thanks for sharing

  15. These are cute ideas. Thank you for sharing. I especially love movie dates as I am a big movie person.

    Divine @ LadiesMakeMoney

  16. The camp for a night idea is brilliant!!! Love date ideas that come out of the ordinaire <3

  17. I love the idea of making a den in the living room for a Netflix binge! So cosy and romantic. Lots of great ideas here!! 😀

  18. Wonderful for a night is high on my bucket list, lets see when that happens


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