Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Baking & Casual Attire

Hello, I hope you are all well! Something I love to do is baking, whether I am good at it or not, practice makes perfect so I continue to do so. Equally something I love to do is share my outfits; I wear a lot of different things and feel I always seem to post the same outfits. This is just a little outfit post of an effortless comfy outfit, yet still trying to make it look like I made some effort.

 I made some cookies recently and they came out pretty well, I’m not the best at baking usually but when I saw this Nigella recipe I thought I would try it out. They tasted amazing so that’s what counts, no matter how hard I tried to photograph them to look good, they smelt and looked a lot better in person. When she says to add chocolate chips I added a few but also added some Terry's chocolate orange and malteasers so basically chocolate heaven. Basically I crumbled up the malteasers so the chocolate wouldnt burn it it would have that crumbly texture inside, and broke up the chocolate orange and kept it on a low setting. Whilst checking so they didn't over bake, then after they had time to cool down i opened them up and all the orange chocolate melted out and it was amazing. Yes it was as good as it sounds, here is the link so you can try out the recipe too: 

This was my outfit of the day, something quite casual and comfy as I wasn't seeing anyone or doing anything special in the day, so I just popped this on. Sometimes I do think of comfort when it comes to my outfit when I am out of the house all day or super busy, therefore I am usually in my Nikes, as I basically live in them because they are so comfy. This outfit is moving towards the autumn weather as it wasn’t the nicest of days compared to the sunshine lately.
Khaki Bomber Jacket: H&M
Black High Neck Top: H&M
Mini Pencil Skirt: New Look
Tote Bag: Pull and Bear
Tights: Primark
Necklace: Pull and Bear
Sunglasses: M&S
Trainers: Nike
 (My hair looks crazy ginger here aha!)
Thank you so much for reading, a fairly casual post this week so I hope you still enjoyed! Love from Tishhlah xxx


  1. really digging the dark green jacket with the all black outfit and those cookies look amazing. I also really like how you paired the outfit with tennis.

  2. As someone who is a big fan of Nigella, I am already sold on trying do do the cookies. A really nice outfit you were looks like it really has a comfortable feel to it.

  3. The cookies look delicious! Love the jacket with the Nike shoes, stylish yet comfortable.

  4. That color is one of my favorites..the jacket looks so smart . And by the way, the cookies seem just yumm

  5. wow these cookies are seems so delicious and yummy!! I love your outfit :-)

  6. Lovely outfit & those cookies look delicious :)


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