Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Cute Little Gifts

So, I’ve been meaning to blog about two wonderful things I have come across and now I am loving daily. The best thing about these items is that they came beautifully wrapped which makes the gift even more exciting to open. The fact that they were tissue wrapped more than once, tied with ribbon and glitter filled, meant not only was it exciting especially with the glitter there was thought put into it!

Feel free to check out IlaandLane’s website especially as all of the gifts on the website, are super cute, suitable for anyone you know and are affordable! Not to mention the gift wrapping is amazing and anyone would love!
Also give them a follow on their instagram for all their latest gifts, ideas and all of the info, it's a must really!! :Ila&Lane 

Prosecco Candle - £10.00

As soon as I opened the candle my room instantly smelt amazing, before I had even thought about lighting it. I was so happy with the scent of not sickly sweet or an off fruity smell, just the right amount of luxury and prosecco. Although I have a thing for candles, this is a strong enough scent to fill the room and cheer anyone up that enters. The little cherry on top is that it’s made in the Uk and with natural soy wax! This beautiful candle is defiantly for the prosecco lovers out there, who just want a night in to relax.

Not only is the candle alcohol smelling... (sensing a theme here) so is the cosmopolitan lip balm I got my hands on! I’ve mostly stuck to the same lip balm for a while now, however since I’ve owned this one I have switched it up. The tin is beautiful with embossed typography on the top which is the perfect pocket size or anything really! The coconut oil and cocoa butter really allows it to be moisturising, especially as the cold dries up my lips, this can be seen as a life saver. It is just so smooth to apply to the lips which instantly adds moisture and a little shine which will go away leaving plump and lush lips.Yet again made in the Uk and a natural product which is what we all love to hear.

Thank you so much for reading, means so much and I am ever so sorry for not blogging for a while! If you do anything today, go check out their website or Instagram and let me know if you like the look of the gifts. Love from Tishhlah xxx



  1. I love candles - there's something about lighting one that seems so calming yet decadent. And especially one that is as beautifully packaged as these ones!

  2. I love prosecco and candles, so this candle sounds great/1 I think I'll be getting one for my mum for mothers day

  3. Amazing post. I love candles a lot. Thanks for introducing this product.

  4. Amazing post. I love candles a lot. Thanks for introducing this product.

  5. I love candles. It can alter the surroundings completely. Scented candles are the best to

    sooth your nerves. And they are also the perfect presents.

  6. I love candles!! And all of these are so cute!!!!

  7. now those are some real cute bunch of candles, haha. great post.

  8. Really so cute things. I like candles as gifts so much. And beautiful wrapping as well.

  9. this are really awesome products, thanks for sharing

  10. I absolutelty love the candle you showed. We could say I am a big sucker for candles :) Also, love your photography style.
    Tina von S


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