Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Early Christmas Gift Ideas for Males (21 Gifts that were for my Boyfriends 21st)

Top 10 Ideas (In no particular order):                                                

1. Wallet                                                                                  
2. Skin care set                                                                         
3. Book of interest                                                                   
4. Electronic (Ipod, speakers, camera, GoPro)                         
5. Trainers (Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, New balance)                                                                                
6. Food                                                                                      
7. Game (Board, Xbox, playstation or travel game)                 
8. Spray/Perfume                                                                       
9. Item of clothing (Coat, T-Shirt, hoody, etc.)                          
10. Alcohol                                                                                

Places to look for Gifts:
Not on the
John Lewis
Urban Outfitters
Jack Wills
Men Kind

As it was my boyfriend’s 21st recently and that is a special birthday I decided to purchase him 21 gifts, then was inspired to turn it into a blog post. To create some inspiration for ideas of gifts to get for males in your life for Christmas or even a birthday.
I will apologise for the quality and lighting of my images as they did not come out how I wanted them too which is a shame. 

1.  Men’s Invigorating Peel Off Mask - 99p (Superdrug)
      2.  Deep Sea Purifying Clay Mask – 99p (Superdrug) 
      3.  Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask – 99p (Superdrug)
These gifts are great for a little pamper, very affordable and just a little something alongside any other gifts you may have got them. 
       4. Batteries 
       5. Fairy lights - £2.50 (Primark)
I just wanted a little excuse for most of these gifts to make my boyfriend’s bedroom a little homelier and to have a good atmosphere in it, so fairy lights are the perfect thing to do so. 

6. Fruit Pastilles x 2 - £2.00 (Tesco)
We have both been obsessed with fruit pastilles from day one so they had to be in there.

7. 3 Kinder Surprise Eggs - £2.00
Charles is a little obsessed with kinder too so when I saw this I decided I had to get it.
8. Calvin Klein Classic Fit - £36.00 (Calvin Klein)

9. Zara Black Skinny Tapered Joggers - £25.99 (Zara)
He has a couple pairs of a similar style so I knew he would suit these and they are by far a nicer fabric and feel in terms of quality and looking when they are on.

10. Madagascan Vanilla Candle - £1.00 (Primark)

11. 5 Pairs of Cotton Rich Socks £5.00 (Primark)

12. 5 Pairs Cedar Wood State Socks £5.00 (Primark)

13. 5 Pairs Plain Cotton Rich Black Socks £2.00 (Primark)
May seem a little boring, however surprisingly useful and good to receive, especially the feel of brand new socks. Went a little overboard on the socks but had to make it to 21 gifts!

14. 2 x Tea Towels - £3.00 (Primark)
Whenever I go around his house, the tea towels are filthy and stained so he did need some more. 

15. David Beckham Spray and Shower Gel - £7.00 (Superdrug)

16. Nike Tee - £20
He loves sports brands and simplistic t-shirts (so this fits both of those things) and is a dark colour as he can be fussy with what colours he wears and thinks he suits.

17. Men’s Scrub & Clean Facial Wipes - £1.00 (Primark) 

18. Zara Plain White Tee - £5.99 (Zara)
I picked this up as he wears plain tees all the time and suits white, the quality felt good and it surprised me it was only £5.99 especially in Zara.

19. Long sleeve Navy Jumper - £5.00 (Primark)
Primark was stressing me out so this was a little panic buy, not sure if it would suit or fit it. However, it did and is a basic navy jumper and so good for the price. 

20. 2 x Soft Grey Cushions - £6.00 (Primark)
Primark doing the best bedding in my opinion and when I saw these I knew they would suit his bedding and looked so soft and comfy, so a perfect little touch to make his bed even better. 

21. Zara Man Oxford Style Shirt - £17.99 (Zara)
He wanted a semi smart shirt that would look good on him and this is a slim fit and dark colour so hoping it lives up to his expectations. 

I hope you now have plenty of ideas for buying gifts for guys and will do a gift ideas for women soon! Let me know if you have any other ideas and don’t forget to press the follow button (on the web version) means so much! Love from Tishhlah xxx



  1. I'll say this is really helpful to me in person. Thanks for sharing this awesome xmas ideas

  2. Well finally something for men else mostly I come across blogs taking all about ladies....your list has all a man needs to full fill his basics....

  3. interesting and with a good taste, I must say !

  4. Very rich list. You are really helping us with your post. Regards!

  5. 21 for 21 is such a great idea! Also I feel like guys wouldn't normally buy skincare products for themselves but would still like receiving them. So that also is a great idea!


  6. lovely selection of gift ideas, great help for shopping. cheers

  7. Great list you curated on here. Almost half of what you listed out is on my own list as well :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. i've commented on this b4, I must say again that this are wonderful gift options for christmas

  9. Great gifts tips! Am sure men will definitely love it

  10. Great ideas! For me, a book is the best gift you can give anyone :)

  11. Would love any of the above gifts, but no. 1 is Homme from David Beckham.

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